Friday, 8 August 2014


Products used: Miss Sporty Black Nail Polish, Rio Yellow & White Nail Art Polishes and Dotting tool.

Daisies seem to be a big thing right now. I keep seeing them on a lot of clothing and that reminded me of this nail art that I saw a while ago and have been wanting to try for ages. I think it went okay for a first attempt, even though it smudged a little. I'm not a fan of black nails so I didn't do it on my own nails instead I used my nail display wheel.

I painted the nail black first, took about 3 coats to get it thick enough, then i poured a little of the yellow and white polish into a pot (seperated) and used the dotting tool to make the circles. I've had dotting tools for a while now, I got 5 for 99p from eBay and they actually work really well, you just dip them into the polish and simply make dots. 


love&kisses, Tee xo

Monday, 4 August 2014

Product Spotlight: Olive Oil Heat Protector

ORS Olive Oil Heat Protection Hair Serum

I'm not usually one to share hair products on my blog mainly because there aren't that many that I use but I have been looking to get this product for ages and after finally purchasing it, it will forever be in my life.
A long while back, I asked a girl that I followed on tumblr (can't find her page anymore), who had the loveliest long hair, for some tips on how she kept her hair in good condition and this is a product she recommended to me. Now, I never use heat protectors which is bad but I am glad I got round to purchasing this. I used it in my hair yesterday when straightening it and I seriously don't know what I was doing without it before. It straightened my hair so much nicer and left it feeling soft and moisturised. I'm trying to use heat protecter now because I want my hair to grow a bit more before I cut the ends. This product I highly recommend for girls with afro type hair as it is quite oily. It smells like olive oil and only cost me £3.99 which is worth it for how it leaves my hair afterwards. 

[Hair straightened using product & current hair length]

love&kisses, Tee xo

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Occasionally I Take Shots

Shot by Me | Styling & Model - @taylahelaine | Makeup - @doyinrosemua

Something I haven't done for a while on my blog is share my photography work.
In case you don't know I currently study Fashion Styling & Photography and studied Photography previously at ALevels. It is a extreme love, occasional hate interest of mine. I've wanted to be a fashion photographer for a while now but have been put off by uni projects and lack of motivation. However, my friend contacted me the other day and asked if I wanted to shoot some photos for her styling portfolio. I decided to push myself and go for it, especially as I'm supposed to remaining in touch with my creative side this holidays (which has failed miserably) and I need to update my photography portfolio. I have to say this is probably some of my best work yet and I am very proud of it. My friend styled & modelled it and her friend did the makeup, which she taught herself from watching YouTube!! Then I took the shots, there were so many to edit so I had to choose my favourites. I picked out some for this post but I'm planning to make some form of online portfolio of my work altogether, so watch this space for that.
Hope you like them.
love&kisses, Tee xo