Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Inspired | Interior Diaries #1

I have a serious love for interior design. My Sims lived great lives because of this. So I thought I'd bring some of my inspiration for my future house (a girl can dream) to my blog. So welcome to the first of my new inspiration posts, starting with some interior design..
I love the simple look for an office. Too much clutter would distract me anyway. These are some of the pins I came across that I really liked. I'm such a simple person so I would keep to the minimal theme. I love the different desks they have; glass, wall-to-wall and the small counter top style one.How fab is the see through desk I need that. Lies. I want that. I think it's clear that an Apple product makes an office look very neat and put together lol but any computer would fit in great. A white room would bring in so much light in the daytime, with a great side lamp to help with all the late night online shopping, I mean working.

love&kisses, Tee xo

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Currently Loving | F21 Love 21 Contemporary

1st Line - Jumpsuit / Skirt / Dress
2nd Line - Grey Coat / Culottes / Waistcoat
3rd Line - Midi Dress / Lace Dress / Trousers
4th Line - Shirt / Playsuit

[linked all items that are still available online but check instore]

Forever 21 has been such a popular store since moving to the UK. I remember seeing pictures of it all over Tumblr before it came here and being excited to go there when it first opened.

It is great for simple pieces and jewellery but a section I have been loving lately is the Love21 Contemporary section. A lot of the items within the store are teenage girl style and casual but this line seems to take a more mature & stylish route which I love especially the colour palette. For the trendy female adult I'd say. I was having a browse online and thought I'd post some of the items that interested me, I have a gift card from my birthday so I might just be heading down there soon to pick something up.
I've linked what's still online as pieces are disappearing fast but check your local store.

What are your favourite pieces from Love21 Contemporary? Comment below!

love&kisses, Tee xo

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Soccer Mom Vibes

One day I will give a full body shot in an outfit post shot on my DSLR...but today is not that day. Sorry.
I literally just shot these photos quickly on Tuesday morning after waking up extra early to do Aunty duties. When I got home I had so much energy I thought why not take some shots of my outfit. By now it's clear that I'm a simple dresser with a basic colour scale. This outfit is somewhere between soccer mom x her daughter. I'm not one to wear hats but when my hair is freshly washed in its natural state, a hat is essential. Adidas is my favourite sports brand clothing wise so I had to have an adidas cap when it came to me deciding where to buy a black cap from.

Anyway this outfit is a simple throw on casual outfit. These skinny joggers from Bershka. Yes! Whoever decided that maybe people wanted to wear tracksuit bottoms without looking like they're about to ride out on the streets. Thank you! Paired them with a basic black tee & my black waistcoat from eBay & of course my black Nike Theas (I seriously need to let them go) and that is how I run errands at 9am.

love&kisses, Tee xo