Sunday, 21 May 2017

Depop: Out With The Old!

Depop is one the best apps when it comes to selling your stuff. People regularly ask me about how to use it & the best ways to get your stuff sold. So I thought I'd share a few tips & tricks..

1. Take Good Photos; Angles & Close ups.
The key to a good Depop first & foremost is visuals. I can't stress this enough. The amount of times someone will ask you 'what does this look like on?', 'Do you have more pictures?' will drive you crazy so beat them to it. I treat Depop like my own shop so I make sure majority of my pictures are clear and taken properly. I usually take mine using my 70D camera & a tripod in my room but you can take them anywhere, even on your phone, just make sure the lighting is GOOD, the background is CLEAR and the FOCUS is all on the item.  Take multiple pictures from different angles & close ups of branding. Try to steer from online product photos unless you really can't take photos or want to show actual colours.

2. Describe to the fullest.
Another important thing that people tend to not put effort into is the description. Let's be honest, 'black long dress, size 10, topshop' is not going to sell as well as 'Topshop ribbed 90s style midi bodycon black dress, UK size 10 will also fit size 12, Brand new'. Every little thing you can think of put it on there because people search for different things & the more description the more people will find it.

3. List the Defects. Honesty is key.
If they're worn say they're worn. Please. If there's a small hole, take a photo, show it and mention it. Buyers/Sellers are able to leave each other feedback after the transaction, you don't want 2 stars saying you never mentioned the small stain on the back, even if it seemed minor to you. I mention every little thing I can see. Cover your back!

4. Like & Follow
Just because you're here to sell doesn't mean you can't find something you like. Like a few items, the seller might check your page out. When someone follows you, you'll appear in the activity feed and that can lead someone else to follow your page or like one of your items.

5. Edit posts frequently to refresh them on the feed.
Not sure if a lot of people know this but if you edit your posts it sends them back to the top of your Depop page and any feed they come up in. Before Depop's 'move sold items down' on desktop, I used to slightly edit all my depop posts after I sold something to send the sold one to the bottom of my page and refresh the other items. It brings in new people to your page who haven't yet seen the item. This is good to do when you're bored, for example, change Size 10 to Size UK 10, save and that's an update.

Also a few heads up:
  • Pay within the app to save your back unless you know someone is that much of a trusted seller but even then it's safer to just buy within.
  • Unlike eBay, Depop fees come out instantly, so no fees later on in the month.
  • Don't upload what you wouldn't buy from a store. It's cheeky to try & sell your overworn dirty trainers you've had for 5 years, you wouldn't accept that condition from a high street store.
  • Be nice. Reply to your messages. Interact with your followers.

& last but not least check out & follow me on Depop: tiaao19 where I sell the clothes I never wore & will never wear again.

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.
 Zig Ziglar

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Adulting: The Real World

Few years into official adulting (22) & life's just coming at me left, right and centre.

How many times did I hear 'When you get out in the real world...' when I was younger. The real world back then was some sort of fantasy world that you just assumed was this thing adults used to scare you into doing everything for yourself. Lowe & behold, when I finally left the safety net of education, which guaranteed me a constant focus, free or discounted travel & a reason to be busy, the real world really did appear.

You see what they don't tell you about the real world is that when you start working full time, days off can equal unproductive days spent in bed because what is going out when you can watch endless movies & eat your body weight in snacks. What they don't tell you about the real world is your dream car might mean many many years of saving, the gym will cost an arm & a leg membership fee and food shopping doesn't last as long as you think it will. Oh and the tax man, nobody warned me about the tax man!

It's funny because at one point you couldn't wait to be an adult. Shout out to younger me thinking I was going to be a parent by now, me who still sometimes eats a big packet of crisps for dinner. Wow! It's crazy how the unknown clouds your vision when you're younger lol. Fast forward to now and I couldn't be anywhere further from that stage of life.

I don't think I've ever not had my life together more than now. This is the part of my life I never planned out. I saw everything else happening up until this point. Where I went to college & uni, where I wanted to work. Now here I am at an incredible standstill, hoping that a sign is sent my way to lead to my next destination. Word to my younger self, the vision isn't always what you thought it would be. You pretty much hate everything you thought you'd love & everything you love seems to not be as easy to achieve as you thought. Also anxiety creeps up on your ass along the way of life, that oh so joyful companion. Still, life goes on & everything that goes wrong is a valuable life lesson because God is good and I have faith that I am destined for success even if I have to take the incredibly longer route.

So if anyone else is struggling like myself, I'd like to share a few things I've learnt along the way. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it. Don't be afraid to fail. Take the jump. Don't let people use you & most importantly don't let your dreams go because you can't see the outcome.

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”
― Robert Frost